Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jingles, the Elf - Part 2

So yesterday I gave you an introduction to our friendly elf, Jingles.  And I told you about the R&D department that he seems to be somewhat tied to.

So last April, I received an email from Jingles asking if we would consider having our Christmas gift a couple of months early.  Mind you, not Christmas early, just the gift early.

In consultation with the kids, they agreed to give it a try.  Though they aren't completely sure, they think that it might be a trip to Disneyland (and they might be right).  They understand that if they get this gift early, they won't be getting much, if anything, on Christmas day.  You can see the danger in this, as can Tiffany and I, so we are treading most carefully with Jingles offer.

I believe we will be successful in this endeavor, and I, to tell you the truth, look forward to Christmas this year without the hoopla that comes with Santa.  We hope that the kids will understand that their gift from Santa has come and gone and will not continue to wish for things that will not be here on Christmas this year. 

Part of the ease in making this happen, is that it is not coming from Mom and Dad, but the kids are getting it straight from Jingles the Elf, which seems to make it all OK.  Or so we hope.  We are not too worried for Dallin and Emma.  We think they will get it.  Porter is too young, still, to really understand when Santa comes and what he brings.  Logan, on the other hand, is our wild card.  He is at that innocent greedy child stage where he knows how things work.  He is old enough to understand that Jingles made this offer and to agree to it.  It is another thing to see what happens Christmas day when nothing has come from Santa (though to be fair, we expect perhaps a stocking full of candy and a few games hid within its confines to be there that morning - nothing too extravagant, however).

However, that said, the kids don't know when the gift will come.  Tiffany and I do, and in fact, so do my parents, they will show up at Disneyland on our second day, and they plan to sell the part that they received tickets to the park for Christmas as well, making it even more fun for the kids (and Tiffany and I).

Then come December, we will try to focus more on the Savior, more on serving.  More on how we can enjoy the season with ways that we give, rather than receiving.  I think, or rather, I hope, that this will make Christmas that much more meaningful for all of us. 

But if not, we will still have great memories one way or another.



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