Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dallin's 5th Grade Reflections Contest Piano Composition

Dallin is a budding composer, of which I am impressed. That I am his father and am a biased observer, is duly noted.

But in case I am not, attached is his latest composition. You will find two instruments at play. A piano, and a ukelele. Both parts were devised by Dallin. He taught Tiffany how to play the piano piece, while he played the ukelele.

The recording is awful at best. It was done with what time and money would allow; my Iphone memo recorder. Dallin had to have this turned in last Friday, and he had just finished composing it Thursday afternoon, teaching Tiffany how to play the piano piece througout the evening. They were both tired when I came around to record it (like 10:30 at night) and after about 10 tries, we decided to take what we got and give it a rest.

So, what you hear is not perfect. Perhaps with more time and more practice, they would have hit it perfect. I am interested to know what you really think (don't let me know that you think the recording is bad - look through that).

Please let us know.



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