Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No Media Week

The kids in school have 'no media' week this week. Which means they are 'forced' to do other activities.

Halfway through the week, I wonder why we even let the little munchkins on media in the first place? A question I will attempt to answer shortly.

What I have found is that the kids are better for it. Which is not really a surprise. They are out having fun, riding bikes, playing with friends, running around, getting good exercise. And most of all, they are not sitting around being spoon fed commercialism at the most vulnerable age.

So why do we let them sit in front of the TV or computer?

Because we enjoy it just as much. We like the entertainment. It is easier to sit down and click a remote for entertainment than it is for us to create entertainment ourselves. It allows us to 'experience' the world in the safety of our living rooms (though, with the trash that is on today's television, what are we really experiencing?). Surfing the web gobbles a lot of time, and in the end, you ask yourself, what was accomplished? Usually (or at least often) nothing. You may have wanted to find a price on a new running stroller, but after 30 minutes, you all but forgot what you were looking for. But the news story about the guy who ran around the block one hundred times to raise money for lovestruck porcupines sure caught your interest.

Those reading this blog, do you get some value out of reading it? Or is it some blather from some guy who has nothing better to do? (I hope, and have tried, to create thought provoking posts - which I hope does cause you to think and therefore not a complete waste of time. But who am I to say my words are really thought provoking? See, here I go blathering again.)

I think media has a place in our lives. However, after No Media Week ends, I think I will try to help the family avoid more media more often, and find things to do that will enrich their lives more than any media could do.

At least, until football season is upon us.

Some media just can't be banned!




  1. One of the best decisions we ever made was: when we moved into our house - we did so without hooking up cable. Initially the kids were upset. After a couple of weeks - they found themselves doing so many things. As they look back - they say that was one of the favorite things of growing up - doing things together as a family, being outside, etc - and not sitting in front of a tv. Personal Computers weren't so available then so that wasn't an issue until they got older.
    Enjoy it! We love your blatherings!

  2. When I want something thought provoking to read, this blog never disapoints! :-)