Friday, April 15, 2011

Emma's New Bike

A wild weekend, was gone and past, and today, the dreaded Monday. The weather change had barely happened and we know only that it will rain. Work complete, at least for me, chanced my arrival home by early eve. Dinner started, yet not complete, allowed an opportunity to take the little lady, for an outing, so to speak.

She had been pining for this contraption, for nearly quite 3 months. So dad, as they call me, whisked her away to the place these items are vended. The glee and pleasure broke her face, and excitement didn’t wane. She yearned with simple want, yet cautious as she desired. I took the bike out of its home, and placed it on the floor. The smile set on her face was more than she could spare. She didn’t dare show happiness, she feared the dream would fade. But then, alas, I told her to ‘grab it’, and then ‘hop on’. She beamed, and knew, oh, yes she knew, it was soon to be hers at last.

One caveat I told her, was it was hers if she continued nice. For we know of this little princess girl, she often gets her way. But if she doesn’t, watch, beware, and quickly get out of her way. Yes, she knows, as daddy’s little girl, and the only one at that, that daddy likes to spoil her so, so often without fail. But today the bound was set in stone, she must act when she is asked. I told her ‘do what mama says, or even before you’re told, or simply show a smiley face even when feeling cold’. A simple thing, she said she’d do, no matter what it took.

I looked at her, she looked at me, and I knew it wouldn’t be. To change the way you simply act, is not a simple thing. We are all a way, you see, set firmly in our paths. To make a change from bad to good, comes often at a price. But if you have a willing hand, and possibly some courage, the change can happen with some time, but also with some burden. So as I paid the vendor so, for this fantasy so dear, I wondered how long it’d be, before she saw it missing.

It wasn’t long, till there was wrong, and I knew I couldn’t wither. Day 1 had barely come, and the promise had been forgotten. The scowl came, and never went, and so it had to go. I vainly tried to show her why, but she just didn’t get it.

So, now you see, this peddle bike, is not found in the streets. It’s waiting for a little girl, so patiently and meek. To see if she can change her game from scowl to some laughter. It’s not gone, it’s not missing, it’s hanging in the rafters.

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