Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Regime

So we were watching The Biggest Loser last night, which was the only time this season we watched that show. But the kids were both intrigued and disgusted at the size of the individuals on the show.

Weight loss and healthy lifestyle is a topic often brought up in our home. Between Tiffany and I, we normally run about 40-50 miles each week, lately, any ways. For me, because I have to, Tiffany, because - she just, I guess, just does. We push the kids to play outside and or with friends, hoping to keep up their active lifestyle. In fact, yesterday, we bought Dallin a new bike enabling him to come along with Tiffany or I as we run (Emma has done this a few times already). He and Emma went 6 miles while Tiffany ran.

We *try* to eat right. A struggle at best. It is hard today when sugar and fat are all around you. But a side focus on a healthy lifestyle causes us to hope that we will contend with the genes I brought into the family.

But after watching the show last night, we all decided, right then and there in the middle of the show, that at each commercial we needed to do some sort of exercise. The first commercial we did sit ups - which though difficult for some kids to do 3 minutes of sit ups, we all did. Porter even joined in. The second commercial break we did push ups. Try doing push ups for 3 minutes straight. We all cheated to get through it, but we did it.

After the second commercial we did this, I told the kids the new rule will be to exercise during any commercial when we are watching TV.

I don't know if it will be a rule I will be able to enforce or if the kids will do it or not, but if so, TV time will either be thing of the past, or we will all be in great shape.

I am not sure which one is better.



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