Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Joy of Other Things Besides Tiffany

Not everything revolves around Tiffany... well, not directly.  The kids do have other things going on.

Logan's basketball team capped off an amazing year, finishing off his last game yesterday with a perfect 8-0 record against the 3rd grade boys.  Unfortunately they don't have a tournament at this age, otherwise they would likely win that too.  No, it's not all about winning.  But life is more fun when you are (just ask Tiffany).  They named themselves the Green Bananas, they created a play called 'Hot Chicks' that never worked (but had fun yelling it out during the game to start the play), and never took themselves too seriously.  All in all, he had a fun season.  I wonder if it was an 0-8 season if he still would have had as much fun.  I hope so.

Dallin went to the district music festival held at Syracuse Jr., yesterday.  He played his cello while one of Tiffany's visiting teachers accompanied him on the piano (Tiffany's situation forced her to find a replacement accompanist - we are so grateful for the help).  I sat in and listened and I have to admit, the boy has some talent.  He is excited to find out if he made it to State, and being the non-biased parent that I am, I think he has a shot.  Having only played for a year and a half, I am almost happy to hear him practice.  Almost ;)

Not to leave Emma or Porter out, but they had nothing really exciting going on this week, so maybe we will give them a shout out next week.

It's these things that continue to give the kids spark for life.  While mom isn't always able to attend all these activities, they are always excited to tell her what happened, what the outcome was, and what they are excited for next in life.  So there have been many that have asked, 'How are the kids doing?'  They are doing great.  They keep themselves involved in many activities and seemingly haven't been overly phased by what is going on with mom.  She, and I, hope that continues.  Life is a joy... and it is more determined by how one reacts that what they are reacting to.



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