Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Blood Count Drop

The story of the day for Monday was this...

Tiffany has again, been feeling fine.  Actually, she seems happy and content.  Some issues with the back of her nose that started at the end of her first treatment, but nothing way out of the ordinary. 

Thanks to the help of a neighbor who drove her, she went up to Huntsman to get a shot that is supposed to give an uptick to her white blood count and get labs on her blood.  Being that her blood count was so low last Wednesday and knowing how much blood they gave her, we expected to see low counts again and pretty much expected that her counts would drop below 8.0 and another transfusion would then be required.

Surprise!  Her blood count came in the mid 7's.  No - that's not the surprise... this is...

The doctor told her to go home - no blood transfusion!  We are shocked, and a little mystified.  For the past year, anytime she has gone in with anything below 8, and they have stated many times, that anything below 8 they will transfuse.  So surprised, yes, and home she came.

We aren't exactly sure why.  We do know that you can survive below 8.  It isn't yet in the critical range like the low 5's.  Maybe it was because she had a transfusion less than a week ago and they don't want to do too many transfusions.  We do know that less transfusions are better.  But at what point?  A question for the doctor next time we see her to find out more.

For now, Tiffany is still feeling superbly well.  It may be because of the prednisone she has been taking.  It is a drug that can help make you feel good.  Today is the last day she takes that, so we are hoping tomorrow she won't see a big drop in how she feels.

Until then....



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