Thursday, February 20, 2014

In The Beginning...

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.  
~Greg Anderson
So today we are enjoying the beginning of this next journey. 

After getting home close to 8:00 last night, we turned around and came back for her first treatment at Hunstman at 8 this morning.  No rest for the wicked, so they say.

Tiffany notes that she feels pretty good and though side effects will start taking its toll, some of the drugs are actually working to make her feel good and has noted that she is feeling better than she has in a long time.  So, hey, one day down and this is working!

That said - she has noted that she is getting some funny sinus feelings in her nose that the nurse says will continue through the treatment.

Thank you for the many prayers and well wishes from all concerned.  We appreciate them all and are grateful to feel the love of so many.  It truly does help.




  1. Fred- Thank you so much for posting on here! We're so grateful for your time to keep us informed. We will check back daily! And Tiff- LOVE and HUGS to you. Please don't hesitate to ask for help. We're a short hour away.

  2. We just love your family and pray for you all continually. Hang in there you guys!

  3. When you get to it, how does the process go for the bone marrow transplant? We would be happy to be tested if that is helpful.

  4. It didn't leave my first comment. We love you guys! We are praying for you and would love to offer our help and support in any way. Please continue to keep us updated. Tiffany is such an amazing person. God be with you during this next phase of your journey!

  5. Well I am inspired by Tiffany all the time. Her smile is radiant, even through such tough times. She truly is an example to us all about taking everything life has to offer, the good, the bad, all the hard stuff and embracing it all with such poise, bravery, faith and such a great attitude. Tiff, you are such an inspiration to many and we love you both and your sweet family.