Thursday, June 5, 2014

Waiting a Week

With her esophagus still giving her some pain while eating, as well as an emotional state that asked for it, Doctor Glenn has given Tiffany another week reprieve before starting the next round of chemo.

We went in for our appointment, bags packed, schedules for kids and Tiffany-sitters set, and were going through the normal hospital motions.  But that all said, Tiffany has been feeling a bit more anxious as this process wears on, having to pump herself up to start the next treatment or take the next test. So when Dr Glenn suggested we could take another week before the start of the next treatment, she was relieved, and a little overjoyed that this could happen.

Also - a couple of other pieces of  good news...
1st - her blood counts and platelet counts are up, which suggest the treatment is working.
2nd - Dr Glenn suggested that we would go through this next treatment and then start doing some scans and tests to see if we are ready for the bone marrow transplant.  We were a little worried that this could go into more rounds of chemo, and while it still could, the fact that we are moving towards bone marrow transplant is great news.

That is all I have today... but I know many of you were aware she was supposed to be in the hospital this week - so this is to inform you that this is no longer the case and it will now be next week.

So, Cheers, and have a good day!


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