Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tender Mercies

Right now I wait outside radiology at Huntsman as Tiffany is getting her PET scan. A PET scan, interestingly to me, uses a radioactive dye that is injected into the patient which highlights cancer cells as they do a CT scan. The dye, however, makes her radioactive and people can't come near her for some time.

When she is done with that, we will go down a flight of stairs for a bone marrow biopsy - one that she is not looking forward to. They hurt! But, as we discussed last night, another day and it will all be over. Amazing how the passage of time gets us through things. As do the many tender mercies that are all around us.

We had just finished our church meetings on Sunday when we passed by this sister sitting in the foyer couch. We had known her since we moved in over 8 years ago. Though we can't really say we are very close to she or her family, we can call each other friends. Back when we moved in, we were in the same ward (congregation) and I worked with her husband in many missionary efforts. But within the year, the ward had split due to growth and we no longer saw each other on a consistent basis, allowing us to lose the close ties we had created, though always able to pick up where we left off.

As we passed her, we said hi, and made a comment about how her daughter was all grown up (the daughter was an infant 8 years ago) and how time flies (we swear it seems like yesterday when this daughter was crawling around the Sunday school we attended together).

She smiled as we started walking out the door.

But as we were just about to leave, she jumped off the couch and stopped Tiffany. She looked into Tiffany's eyes and said,

"I feel that I need to tell you that I am glad you are still here."  And continued to say that she felt impressed that everything will be ok.

The moment between her and Tiffany was a sweet and tender one. She doesn't know what that meant to Tiffany, but we are sure this sister did not know Tiffany's current situation. It made an emotional and spiritual impact to her as it continues to prove that our Father in Heaven knows of our concerns, our afflictions, and our joys.

And so we continue to see the tender mercies of the Lord, who provides them for peace and comfort, as we continue down what we see as this joyous journey of life. Grateful there are people who are in tune to the spirit that allows them to be guided to share their life with others.

Are you one of them?



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  1. Thinking positive thoughts and sending out lots of prayers...love you guys so much.