Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Biopsies, Children, and Gratitude

So Tiffany and I got another date yesterday.  They have been happening with increasing regularity and decreasing intervals - thanks to all these doctor visits.  We got up yesterday morning early to head off to Salt Lake City to the Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) for a Pet Scan and a Bone Marrow Biopsy, alluded to in an earlier post.  We left around 5:30 am and had most of the kids up (Dallin, a preteen, is showing his age - sleep is becoming his favorite past time - especially in the mornings) and had them mostly ready for the day before we left.  Aside from getting their breakfast and taking care of Pogo (our pup), they didn't have a lot more to do.  At about 8:00 they took Porter to a neighbor's house to babysit him before they returned home and waited for their carpool to arrive.

You see, gratitude comes when you realize that two years ago, for us to leave so early, would have been a greater miracle as we would have had to do something way different than how it was handled, likely with even more help from outside sources.  But having all the children two years older and two years more mature, we are able to leave them in these instances which makes it easier on all of us.  We are indeed grateful for the independent people our children are growing up into. 

Of course, that comes with a tinge of sadness.  Who wants their babies to grow up?  (Ummm... maybe us dads, but I  know that Tiffany would ask that question - so I posed it for her.)

We are also grateful for all the willingness of those we get to call friends and family, who have opened their arms, taking care of kids, carpooling them, letting them stay and play, etc.  We had numerous people help us yesterday and even had to turn away a helping hand or two, as we had so many blessings, and not room enough to receive them.  Of which we will always be grateful and appreciative to all of them. 

And for the fasting and prayers that have been offered on Tiffany's behalf.  Thank you.  The bone marrow biopsy went rather well and she is recovering from it, slowly - but surely.  If you were to ask her how it went - I think her response would simply be - 'it's over'.

For now, anyways, it is.



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  1. Glad it's over! And so great you can leave Dallin in charge to take care of some of those things. We've got a looong way to go before we can do that (it sounds like a dream come true right now)!