Thursday, February 21, 2013

Next Steps

Just a note for those that want to know what is next.

It is simply the waiting game. 

The bone marrow test results take time.  They have to incubate or something for a specified amount of time and there is no way to hurry it up.  The PET scan should already be back, and perhaps Dr. Glenn has maybe even already looked at it.  The initial purpose of the PET scan was due to some abdominal pain Tiffany had been feeling just below her rib cage.  The doc suggested that she expected to see nothing, but with Tiffany's past (for those that may not have known, there was Melanoma found, and successfully removed back in 2003 - though once you had it, you have a higher chance to see it later) and current situation, she doesn't want to leave any stone unturned. 

Our next appointment is next Thursday, February 28.  Which we should have the info back from the tests and have a better idea of what will happen next, or at least the options open to us.

And with that, we will enjoy the next week - trying not to think about the results or what they could mean.  Because, why should we allow peace to be destroyed by what may or may not be?

After realizing how precious life is, we won't take for granted the good times we have together.




  1. Thanks for keeping us so updated!! I hope next Thursday goes well! I know you probably have a lot of offers, but we'd love to have Porter come play ANY day!! Zach always is looking for a friend!!
    Tiffany... You are a trooper! I was in shock on Wednesday when you walked out of pre-school after all the testing you had done Monday!! You are awesome to just carry on! What an awesome attribute that is to not let the downers in life keep you down and out!!
    We continue to pray for your sweet family!!

  2. I hope everything comes back ok. Your faith and strength is inspiring. I'm so glad that she is surrounded by such a loving family and friends. You are also amazing Fred, I'm glad she has such a rock to lean on. Please tell her I'm thinking of her and love her so much! Hope to see you guys soon.

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