Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Year of Living

Today marks the one year mark (based on the two days before Thanksgiving appointment we had down in Huntsman Cancer Institute) that life really seemed turned upside down.

Sure, before that day, we had already received the news that Tiffany, as it would appear, had cancer.  But it was the second opinion that got my emotions stirred.

The doctor came in to talk to Tiffany and I after having sat in an office for what seemed like an hour, though it was likely much less than that.  She sat down in front of us, and told us her confirmation of the diagnoses, the next steps and that there was no other option than to beat it. 

Never in our minds at that time did we understand how it would all play out.  Both the bad, and the good.

The bad was the surgery, the emotional roller coaster, the recovery, the unknown.  There was major stress being induced on both of us.  Most of it was stress due to the life and health concerns of my wife.  She and I had independently researched the cancer, and both of us privately held the information - not wishing to share the scary scene played out in each of our minds, though there were a few times that we did discuss the issue - even at length.

But mostly, we discussed about the faith, hope, and healing we had to focus upon.  We had decided that there was little use to consider the alternative. 

It is in some of the darkest places and times in our life that we lift ourselves and find out what we truly are or have become.  And we found a strength - together, that allowed us to move forward with faith and strength.

The rest - as they say, is history.  If you haven't, feel free to read this blog from the beginning.  The first intent of this was to keep people updated with Tiffany's condition, her treatments, and outlook.

It turned into something much more about faith, hope, and love.

So today - I would like to thank all those that helped us through that trying time.  The gifts, the well wishes.  The prayers, the understanding.

We felt the love that so many had for us, especially Tiffany.

Thank you.

And we continue to have hope and faith that things will continue as they have.



PS - Tiffany went to the doctor the other day for another checkup.  He told her things continue to look great and that she will soon move to 6 month checkups rather than 3 month checkups!

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  1. What a remarkable turn of events, and a blessing in so many ways. You have our continued support! Katie