Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Joy of Giving

I love this time of year. I especially love to see how excited the kiddos get whenever they talk about Christmas. Usually I overhear them talking about what they are going to find in their presents Christmas morning. Today, however, I got to witness a sweet glimpse into the excitement of giving instead of getting.
Logan is currently off track from school. He has 5 weeks off from Thanksgiving all the way to January. I have been a little nervous about keeping him occupied while Dallin and Emma are still in school, and he has only his little brother to keep him company.
Logan is one who is usually content to do whatever one suggests, but if that particular suggestion doesn't sound fun to him, Lego's are always a good fall back. Today, he decided he would make presents for his brothers and sister and wrap them up and put them under the tree while they were at school. He decorated a couple pieces of paper, and made 2 fans; one for Porter and the other for Dallin. Then he spent a half an hour stringing some beads to make a bracelet for Emma. His poor bracelet kept coming undone, so after the beads all fell to the floor and rolled away for the fifth time, he gave up. He decided to wrap the fans and call it good.
Later this evening Logan got to go with Dad to a friend's house. They weren't gone long, but when they came back, I found Logan in the entryway of the kitchen surrounded by huge rolls of paper, given to him by our friend who is a surveyor. He had given Logan the "scratch" paper he had on hand, and Logan was thrilled to have such a prize.

Later on, he came up to me and whispered that he had a plan for the huge pieces of paper. He had decided that he wanted to decorate the paper and make a huge fan out of it, wrap it up, and put it under the tree for Dallin. He even solicited Emma's help in his cause. I was touched that gifting was still in the forefront of his mind, and that the prized paper would come in handy to that end. I can hardly wait to see how it turns out.

I don't know if Dallin will appreciate the huge fan, but I know I won't forget the love that I saw in it's construction. I can tell it's going to be another one of those wonderful Christmas seasons.



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