Friday, September 9, 2011

Weight Loss Update - Week 16

Another three pounds this week.

I finally ordered pants that fit. I refused to purchase pants two or three times as I continued to shrink. The last month or so it has been really annoying putting on pants way too many sizes bigger than I need.

Goal Weight = 220 lbs
Starting Weight 5/23/2011 = 312 lbs
Week 1 Weight 5/27/2011 = 307 lbs
Week 2 Weight 6/3/2011=301 lbs
Week 3 Weight 6/10/2011 = 296 lbs
Week 4 Weight 6/17/2011 = 292 lbs
Week 5 Weight 6/24/2011 = 287 lbs
Week 6 Weight 7/1/2011 = 282 lbs
Week 7 Weight 7/8/2011 = 277 lbs
Week 8 Weight 7/15/2011 = 276 lbs
Week 9 Weight 7/22/2011 = 270 lbs
Week 10 Weight 7/29/2011 = 265 lbs
Week 11 Weight 8/05/2011 = 262 lbs
Week 12 Weight 8/12/2011 = 257 lbs
Week 13 Weight 8/19/2011 = 252 lbs
Week 14 Weight 8/26/2011 = 247 lbs
Week 15 Weight 9/2/2011 = 243 lbs

This week, Week 16 Weight 9/9/2011 = 240 lbs

That's a total of 72 pounds gone! And 20 pounds to go.

I've got 8 weeks to go to get to my goal. It will be close as it is getting tougher and tougher to lose even 3-4 pounds a week. I will need a few of those if I am going to make it.




  1. Proud of you Fred! You'd probably fine if you stabilized where you are - I can't imagine you with that much weight gone...but good luck on meeting the goal! I should live next door and hire you to be my personal trainer. And tell Tiff 'way to go' for taking some time for HER. Moms do need that occasionally!

  2. Nice job big brudder!!! I started my weight loss and fitness routine (again...such a life long battle!) by signing up for two months of bootcamp five days a week every morning. I prepare my meals at the beginning of the week so that I make sure to eat and eat right...not many years ago did I have my big brother watching over me and helping me battle some of my issues, and that was something that helped me to get to a better place and appreciation for the human body and to treat it right. So just know that I'm cheering for you, just as you cheered for me! Love you!