Friday, September 9, 2011

Tiffany's Impromptu Vacation

I sent Tiffany away yesterday. Her sister is running in a relay race down in St. George, UT today and tomorrow and was going to be all alone (aside from her friends and acquaintances on the team). A while ago Tiffany, along with this Sister, was planning on a girls weekend out but due to some issues that arose, they weren't able to make it. On Wednesday this week, Tiffany said something to me about how her sister didn't seem that excited for the race. Not that her words were saying this, but Tiffany just felt like she wasn't that excited.

So I told her to go.

Tiffany ran a half marathon a couple of weeks ago and I asked her how it would have felt if there were no loved ones waiting for her at the end? It just wouldn't have been the joyous occasion that she enjoyed that day with her family there.

So she went.

She drove down with her sister yesterday, saw her off, and now is enjoying time to herself until her sister runs in sometime tomorrow. She just called to tell me that she is excited for her weekend and is having fun.

I hope so.

It's not everyday that mothers working in the home get time off like this. I probably don't send her off enough. Though, to my defense, I have tried. But like many mothers, she often feels like she would be deserting her children and doesn't want to do that.

On the contrary.

Mothers, like anybody, need a break from their job, enabling them to be better providers. A vacation not only can be fun, I think it is necessary. Just like a bow (bow and arrow bow) needs to be unstrung from time to time to ensure it retains it's powerful snap.

So go, take your own impromptu vacation.

You know you want to, so do it!



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