Saturday, July 26, 2014

While You Were Sleeping

So, while we were up at Huntsman the first time for pain, we had a few things happen at home, while Tiffany slept for much of that time, people came out of the woodwork's and did some amazing things.

On Friday, July 11th, early in the am was when we went to the ER up at Huntsman.  That day she had scheduled a treatment early in the morning for the third round of a new treatment we were trying.  She was supposed to be gone for only a few hours, and many of her friends, knowing this, took advantage of that opportunity and decorated the house, allowing the kids to help and even using them as props (I don't have pics - I am at the hospital and the pics I need to post are at home - so maybe later).  In addition to the decorations, one friend had organized a 'card drop'.  She put a basket on the front steps to the house and as the day would continue, various friends would drop off birthday cards or what have you.  By the end of the day there were a ton of cards, sharing their love with Tiff and wishing her a good birthday and well wishes.  I knew what was being done, to some degree, but my concern was with Tiffany up at the ER, however, knowing of the degree of work that went into decorations, organizing, I was a little frustrated that we couldn't be home for Tiffany to enjoy it.  But would could I do.  However, there came a wonderful blessing from what they did.  While up in the hospital, I brought the many cards and pictures of what had been done and Tiff opened them one by one.  And one by one we put them up in her hospital room.  It was always a comfort to look up at the cards and pictures and know that she has such a wonderful support system at home.  So thank you!

 But that was not all.  Tiffany's sisters had this wild and crazy idea to do something for Tiffany that she has wanted for some time now.  Me, being not a great handy man, had known about her request for some time, but kept the request at bay for some time.  So, as wives do, they started into a project and somehow roped their husbands into doing it with them, as well as one of my cousins.

Tiffany has wanted wainscoting in our house for a while now.  Probably a request that has gone on for probably 4 years.  I guess her sisters got fed up with me in not doing it for her, they decided to do it themselves.

They had worked hard over a few days and upon our return home on Saturday, they had mostly completed the time consuming task of adding the wainscoting to the walls and painting the two toned paint throughout the main part of our home. 

One other thing, we have gained a friend recently in New Jersey.  We have never met, but she happened upon our blog one day and while her husband has been going through cancer treatments similar to Tiffany, there was an instant connection.  While Tiff was in the hospital, she put together some subway art for her.  I contacted a good friend who had a large printer, printed it large, and we placed it up in Tiff's room.  She loved having it up where she could see it and reminded her of the many blessings we have.

These kind of things are hard for me.  We didn't need the wainscoting.  Nor did we need the great birthday bash that was put on.  I don't like to burden others with these kind of things.  But therein I think I may be wrong.  It was something they wanted to do for us.  No, maybe we didn't need these things, but sometimes, through these trials, these tough trials, we need more than needs taken care of.  These kind acts of service do more than simply lift burdens... they give joy.  Driving up to our home, there is a joy that comes because of the many people who have weeded and planted flowers for us this year.  It just feels nice to see it.  The same goes when you walk into our home - it has a sense of peace and joy, in large measure because we know people have taken time and energy to do such a remarkable thing.  Going through card after card of birthday wishes gives joy to the burdened soul. 

That all said, we hope all know of our sincerity of gratitude that is in our hearts for the wonderful help and care and assistance through this trying time.  From these wonderful offerings of love, to the taking care of needs (like mowing the lawn and taking care of the dog), we will always remain indebted to so many.

Thank you.


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  1. Beautiful post, Nathan... I know it is so hard to feel indebted to others - but think of it this way... if the tides were turned, you and Tiffany would happily and immediately do the same for others without thinking twice about it. Am I Right? ;) One of the awesome things I learned from another cancer friend is that when others help us, it's actually part of how THEY cope with our awful situation. They actually sleep better and can begin healing emotionally knowing they've done something to bring a smile or to lift a tangible burden. So, while they may be helping your family - you, too, are actually helping them ease some of the pain they feel for you - and in turn, it gets replaced with that same joy because they got to help in one way or another - big or small. Once I heard that, it became so much easier to say yes when offers were made to us - and beautifully, the strange guilt I felt because others were helping me seemed to vanish. Service is truly a win/win for everyone.

    I'm so happy you are surrounded by such wonderful family and friends - they all sound so amazing! New wainscoting... simply awesome! I'm beyond thrilled you were able to get the subway printed for her - makes my heart smile that she was able to see it and focus some of those amazing blessings. You are so very sweet to mention it...

    As always - you guys are forever in my prayers...