Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Treatment

I am trying to write another post, but admittedly it is not coming together, and when it does, perhaps you will see why.  But I think I need to give an update concerning Tiffany, it has admittedly been a while.

Tiffany started a new treatment on Monday.  The last one we started in June didn't seem to what we were hoping and so the Doc has moved onto a new treatment.  This one will send her to Huntsman 4 days out of 5 and will end up giving her flu like symptoms, low blood counts, which in turn decreases her immunity. 

After the first three days of treatment the symptoms are showing up and causing her energy to drop.  We are crossing our fingers (actually, praying intently) that this will work and cause an opening for her to start the bone marrow transplant soon.  Hopefully we will find out how it is going next Thursday as we meet again with Dr. Glenn and see the results of this latest try to get the cancer to cooperate.

Prayers are welcome.  Perhaps even asked for.  We need one of these treatments to work.

More to come, but that is the update for Tiffany today.




  1. Your family, and Tiffany's team of doctors are at the top of our prayer list. We love you.

  2. Oh, you sweet family.... I think of you guys often and am so glad you had a moment to update. I know how hard it is amid the chaos to sit and write something up. Eric had 3 failed chemo attempts prior to his transplant and it felt like they just kept changing the game plan and drugs every time his scans came back less than stellar. Defeat was the feeling I think I felt the most. Those were some long, incredibly difficult months and the waiting, hoping and wondering gets unimaginable difficult. I am so sorry you have to endure the trial and error method - it's indescribably draining and it's toll is so heavy. Please know I think of you often, pray for you daily and just wish I could do something to ease your burden. Pass my love to Tiffany and tell her she has a huge fan in Jersey pulling for her, wishing her (and all of you) the best and praying this treatment is the charm that gets the job done... ♥♥♥