Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Mornings

For four or five years now, Tiffany has been going to the Temple about every other Wednesday morning. She leaves just after 5 in the morning and gets back before the kids have to go to school.

I know this was was her idea alone, but she snagged a few other ladies in the area to go with her who had similar ideas. What started out as she and one other friend, has blossomed into like 6-7 ladies going to the temple with her, usually 4 or 5 on a given week. And she is always trying to recruit more.

I have been impressed not only that she gets up that early every other week, but that she has done it for five years and has somehow, with guile or something, got these other ladies on board.

So, today, I started to do the other weeks that she does not go. I wagered that I could get more men to go with me than she could get women. She didn't go for it, but secretly, I think the battle has begun.

What a blessing to be able to live so close to Temples to go at a time that doesn't really impact the family. Sacrifice is still a part of the equation, as is always the case, but blessings flow, no doubt.


  1. Bring it on! And for the record, I'm only playing because in this game, everyone wins. Who else is in? For more information about temples, visit

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  3. I may have to get up one morning and join you. I feel it has been much much to long since I have been and I fear if I do not go soon it may again be much too too long. :)

  4. Sorry, Nate. I joined a couple weeks ago as well so my wages are with Tiff. ;)