Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Handyman, I Am Not

Tiffany married me for my money.

Because it definitely wasn't because of my ability to use tools. The poor girl has learned through sad experience that me and projects just don't go hand in hand.

There was the front entry tile project that came up. That was five years ago, and the baseboards still aren't painted (I have my reasons, though. Not saying they are good reasons, but I have them).

After tiling the front entry, she thought it would be fun to tile the bathroom and paint it. The more I think about it, the more I wonder what is up with the girl. Why, when it took me so long to figure out how to do the entry way and get it finished (or close to it), would she want me to work on the bathroom? That was a year and a half ago, and I still haven't put the towel rack up (we do have one of those door hanging rack things though, so we do have a place to put towels, if you were worried - though the kids seem to think the floor is the best place any way).

Then there was the basement wall that had a crack and leaked during heavy rainstorms. I had to rip out a wall to patch it up. Thanks to a brother-in-law, we got that wall put up about a year or so later. We didn't finish it then. I told him we were going to bead board that wall, so there was no need to finish it then.

And now, finally, after about 6 months from that time, we finally have it bead boarded, and thanks to Tiffany it is even painted.

But I bring this up, because though a handyman, I am not, I am hopeful that there are other things the girl saw in me.

I am not sure what they are, but each of us have something great about us. And each of us have some flaw in us. I think recognizing both the talents and weaknesses is key to having a good life. We should exploit the good and fix the bad we have. Striving to become better in spite of our weaknesses is at least in part what this lifetime is all about. Maybe the best part about this lifetime.

That must be why Tiffany keeps giving more projects to do. Maybe one day I will figure out this handy man thing.

So cheers, and happy learning to overcome your weaknesses. I now have to go figure out how to fix a drawer I broke a few years ago.


Oh, and by the way, trust me when I say it wasn't the money. I am still trying to figure out why she took a chance on me.


  1. Guess all those early 5:30 morning projects with dad didn't help huh? Oh wait, thats right, while I was slaving, you were slowly making your way out of bed to the kitchen to get your breakfast. You always seemed to time it just right though. About the time dad would leave for work is when you'd come out!! Good times! I do remember a few good times though when we both be assigned our own row to hoe, when dad would disappear we'd start to gripe that it wasn't fair that Darcey got to sleep in. I wonder if Matt and Carrie ever had the 5:30am experience?? Good luck with all future projects! Cheers!!