Saturday, September 6, 2014

T + 2

T +2 - Saturday September 6th

Special delivery happened on Saturday.

Tiffany's platelet count dropped to a 5.  Nothing unexpected and not really new, perhaps as low as she has ever been, but without any bone marrow creating them, we will expect for them to drop again and again until engraftment of the donated stem cells.  We were informed early this morning that we would be getting them soon. 

As of 2  in the afternoon we hadn't received them yet. 

Apparently there was an issue with a machine that takes the platelets through some tests.  So, for whatever reason, Tiffany is getting a special delivery of platelets from.... Colorado!  They are flying them in special just for her.  Most other patients with higher levels of platelets (but low enough to need a transfusion) are going to have to wait for the issues with the machine to work again.  But Tiffany's platelets are so low that she needs them ASAP. 

Just another day in the journey through this life.




  1. I'm sure Tiffany needs special platelets in her delicate condition, so whatever it takes, I hope she's getting what she needs. ONLY in this day and age would such feats be possible!