Friday, January 3, 2014

Good Things to Come, Right?

I am on the train right now, heading down to Huntsman. 

Tiffany received a call from the doctor earlier today to ask her how she has been doing (great doctor, right?) And, to tell the truth it has been a few hard days (weeks?) she has been dealing with. She has had constant headaches, fevers, always tired, all of which points to anemia. But when she was at Huntsman on Christmas Eve, checking into the sickness the doctors believe is virus related, her blood count was at a 9, which is low, but a transfusion won't be considered until she was below an 8. History has suggested that she wouldn't fall a full point within a week, so the fatigue and fevers and headaches she has had we were attributing to the virus we believe she is still fighting. 

But when the doctor called to check on her, after they heard her symptoms, they told her to run up and get checked out.  I had a few meetings I was attending to for work but we both decided she needed to go and I would catch up later. 

A while later, after the blood tests were done, we found her count had dropped to 7.2, well below the 8, and a transfusion was ordered. 

She is now sitting in the transfusion room enjoying the benefits of somebody else's blood. We hope any who read this take an opportunity to give blood from time to time. Truly, a great miracle in today's world.  Once she gets a transfusion she shouldn't be driving (mostly because of the drugs they give her) and hence, I am on my way via the train (rather than driving) to be with her and drive her home. 

More will come from the test results today. What that is we don't know yet. We were hoping the cancer would have been put at bay with the treatment she has had. But the docs are now considering many options going forward. 

Options, my guess, are options we really wish weren't really options. 


That means there are good things to come, right?  



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